February 15, 2013

Tobacco, Snuff, and Grog

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There are things you don’t find in children’s books written in the last few years.  First, a passage from the book I just finished reading to my kids, Arthur Catherall’s Ten Fathoms Deep, an exciting story about a salvage tug boat off the shores of Singapore in the 1940s or so:

“Hudson rolled a cigarette.  One thing he had forgotten when he had returned to Singapore was to get in a further supply of cheroots, so he was reduced to smoking native tobacco, and making his own cigarettes” (p. 135).

Second, a page from the great Edward Ardizzone’s Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain:

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3 Responses to “Tobacco, Snuff, and Grog”

  1. Dan Glover Says:

    I would include the TinTin books (old time graphic novels??) in this category, with Captain Haddock and his whisky and pipe.

  2. DS Says:

    And lest we forget the very last illustration in “Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel” – there’s Mike in the basement of the new town hall, Maryann at his side, puffing away on his pipe. If that’s not a picture of “shalom”, I don’t know what is!

  3. Heather Says:

    Interesting point. And we like Little Tim too!

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