November 28, 2012


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Some complain that fixed-hour prayer is boring or repetitive.  Not too often does it ignite emotional fireworks, mystical revelations, or ecstatic experiences.  But the “ordinariness” of the Office is essential for sanctifying our ordinary lives and for reminding us that God is found in the ordinary and the mundane more than in the extraordinary and the melodramatic.  The ordinariness, everydayness, and repetition of the Office help us appreciate God in all of our life, including its humdrum and repetitive rhythms. — Arthur Paul Boers, The Rhythm of God’s Grace, 66.

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  1. Leslie Says:

    Sounds like a great book! In the last couple of years I’ve taken to the Book of Common Prayer (1959) and found that experience to be a lot like Boers describes.

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