November 26, 2008

Where Do They Get It?

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When the lords of the earth roll out all this money that they are going to be distributing to us with loud whoops, there are only three basic ways for them to get it. Because, of course, before they give it to you, or to Citicorp, or to GM, or whoever, they must first obtain it somehow. I know, this is kind of “out there” economics, but work with me for a minute. In order to give it, they must first get it. How can the government get this money? They can take it from other countries, which is called war. They can take it from their own citizens, which is called taxes. Or they can print up a bunch of it, which inflates the currency, which is called, at least in my head, sneaky and reptilian taxes.

You can read the rest of Doug Wilson’s comments on the coming $7 trillion bailouts here.

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