July 5, 2008

Presence and Welcome

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When we remember that hospitality comes from an attitude of welcome, we open ourselves to an abundance of creative opportunities for shaping a hospitable life.  Hospitality often involves the practical help of food and shelter, but it also includes the provision of relational connection.  Hospitality can be as simple as making extra food for dinner and welcoming our children’s friends to the table or being the one to initiate conversation with strangers at church, parties, or other social gatherings.

Hospitality can also mean sitting with another person over coffee, showing an interest in who they are.  The “ministry of presence,” as Christine Pohl calls it, is hard to comprehend in our task-oriented world.  Spending time with another person, listening, sharing stories, and bridging the gap of our modern isolation requires an eternal perspective.  If we are aware of our call to hospitality, we will be more likely to remember that people are more important than finished tasks. — Andi Ashworth, Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring, p. 71.

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