August 17, 2007

Basso Profundo

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Some beautiful examples of Russian music with choirs featuring some basso profundos. First, here’s the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir singing Chesnekov’s “We Praise Thee,” from the Russian liturgy:

These guys can apparently hit G1, which is two octaves and a fourth down from middle C. (Go find that on a piano and try to hit that note.) At a little over a minute into that video, the camera focuses on a man whom I think is Passiukov (sometimes spelled Pasikov), who appears also in the last video here. Here’s another, this one from the Orthodox Singers Male Choir:

And finally, a longer clip. You’ll see Passiukov (or the guy I think is Passiukov) at about three and a half minutes into the video:

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  1. Paul Baxter Says:

    If you want to hear someone REALLY sing bass, watch the film Genghis Blues. Quite a story in that film.

  2. Basso Profundo | Dipet Update Says:

    […] This post from John Barach would be right up my dad’s alley. He loves listening to choral music and has a special fascination for the basso profundo. […]

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