June 22, 2007

Mowing the Glass

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I’ve been meaning to get to it for some time, but today I finally took down our Christmas lights.  To get the ones on the highest peak in the front of our house, I climbed out an upstairs window and unhooked them, only to discover that the roof was extremely hot.  (Note to self: Wear gloves next time.)

But most of the task was easy: several of the lights just flicked right off the gutters to which they had been attached.  But some were more persistent, and that’s where the trouble struck.  I found that I could flick the cord and some would jump off their hooks.  But others didn’t.  So I flicked the cord again … and two bulbs shattered against the side of the house.

I’ve managed to pick up the larger pieces (at least, the ones I saw).  I swept the porch, the front steps, and the sidewalk.  I’ve looked through the grass for more.  But how in the world do you get small pieces of glass out of the lawn?  I don’t want Moriah or Aletheia to get cut as they walk on the lawn with bare feet.  But if I take the vacuum cleaner out, I think the neighbors might stare.

Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “Mowing the Glass”

  1. John van Popta Says:


    You should have left them up. You’ll need to put them up again in 5 months!

    John VP

  2. Jake Says:

    If you can get your hands on a mower with a bagging system, that would probably do an alright job. Otherwise I might suggesting dethatching the lawn and aerating it (any local landscaper can do this for a minimal fee. Vacuuming is a possibility, but you’ll want to make sure you use a shop-vac then, as the soil that you pick up will likely do a lot of damage to a regular vacuum.

    Hope you can figure it out!

  3. Vic Martens Says:

    Run around barefoot yourself, until all the glass is in your own feet. Or until you’re tired of running around barefoot. I bet the latter, since the little bits of glass will probably burrow quickly into the dirt where they will lacerate unsuspecting earthworms. Which is good, since there will be more earthworms enhancing your soil.

  4. Clyde Willis Says:

    You could not let the kids run around barefoot outside until it rains one good time and the glass sinks into the soil, or you could just pull the glass out of their feet when they step on it.

  5. Claire Martens Says:

    Or, you could modify my dad’s suggestion and run around in shoes until the glass is all buried. Less potential pain.

  6. Xon Says:

    I thought I was oh so clever for thinking of Vic’s suggestion, and then he beat me to it!

    But I would have added something about how the way of a husband is the way of death, and you must sacrifice for the good of your family. Just to rub it in. (Pun! Ouch!)

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