November 4, 2006

Happy Birthday, Moriah!

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On the third day, after God separated the seas and the dry land, the earth was bare.  But God spoke and caused green grain plants and fruit trees to grow to glorify the earth.  On the sixth day, God formed out of the ground a man.  But it was not good that the man should be alone.  So God put him to sleep, removed a rib, and built it into a woman.  The man was the ground and the woman was the glorious fruit tree that grew out of him to be his glory.

For two and a half years, you have been my glory, a fruitful vine in my house, and you are growing more glorious every year.  Happy 26th birthday, Moriah, my wife.

Oh, and Dr. de Blegny has some healthful suggestions for celebrating your birthday, found in this 17th century tome.  Eat, drink, enjoy, and be preserved from all des maladies:


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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Moriah!”

  1. Sean Brandt Says:

    Thanks for the helpful thoughts, John. I will put them all into practice right away.

    I was sorry, as well, that you weren’t at Presbytery. I trust that Moriah is feeling better. (Happy Birthday to her, by the way!)

    I trust there will be other opportunities.

  2. John Says:

    Thanks for the notes, Sean. (Whatever became of my comment on your blog, by the way? I see that you received it, but it doesn’t seem to have been posted there.)

    Moriah’s doing well. It was actually my daughter who had a bad cold and was teething (molars). As a result, she couldn’t sleep well at night and neither could we. It was pretty exhausting for all of us, and I didn’t want to leave Moriah alone to handle both the day- and night-shift.

    Theia’s doing a lot better now. Back to sleeping 10 hours straight each night, for which we’re thankful.

  3. Sean Brandt Says:

    That makes sense. Well, in any case, glad everyone is well.

    I got the post–there’s a limit of 25 comments per page or something, so you have to hit “next” at the bottom of the first page of comments to see the rest.

    Note to self: if you want to get a lot of comments on your blog, say something that will bring the RC apologists out of the woodwork…

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