July 16, 2006


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I’m currently preaching through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. But when I finish this series, I’d like to start on the book of Genesis. I have a number of commentaries, monographs, and articles on Genesis. But I’d like to know what you would recommend that I read (or hear, for that matter) on Genesis. What would be your “must have” commentaries? What articles provide not-to-be-missed insights?

I’m particularly interested in commentaries that pay close attention to the literary features of the text and to symbolism and typology, and I’d prefer commentaries that make me think, even if they are sometimes quirky and strange.

So … recommendations?

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Hi John,

    You might try John Fesko’s Protology: Genesis 1-3 in the Light of Christ. I found it available at Greenville Seminary’s website: http://www.presbyterianbookshop.com/store/product.php?productid=2604&cat=37&page=5

    I have an early copy that he made available to students at RTS-Atlanta for hermeneutics class a couple of years ago. In it he desires to look at Genesis 1-3 less in a scientific manner, as has been the case post-Darwin, but more in an typological manner. In the course of his exposition he draws some interesting conclusions. He doesn’t engage the more interesting aspects of Jordan’s work with Genesis. He merely lumps him in with those who interpret the days as literal 24 hour days. An interesting look that draws on many (and varied) sources.

  2. Chaplain Bob Says:

    I like Bruce Feiler’s book on Abraham, Genesis:the Movie by Capon, and Boice’s 3-vol commentary; also Bill Moyers’s book/video shows what diverse people think.

  3. Jason Farley Says:

    Do you think that you could post the commentaries, monographs, and such that you are looking at and finding helpful. I am getting ready to start Genesis up here in Spokane with the college group and would love a list of good stuff

  4. Pete Scholtens Says:

    I’ve heard Bruce Waltke’s commentary on Genesis is supposed to be very good.

  5. Lane Keister Says:

    I am almost finished with Genesis, and I have a whole commentary recommedation page here:


    and here:


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