July 6, 2006

Work and Organization

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As I set out on the project of being a church planter, I realize that I have lots and lots of work to do but that most of it isn’t clearly defined.

For instance, I need to get to know Medford and this region and that will involve meeting people (Ed Stetzer recommends finding the people who love your community) and talking to them about the city, its history, its needs, and so forth. But getting to know your community isn’t a well-defined project with eight steps, so that when you’ve done all eight you know your job is done. It’s an ongoing thing.

So is getting out into the community. Who should I meet today? Where should I go? How do I meet people and interact with them? Talking to people and building relationships with them is part of my calling, but it isn’t something that I can easily schedule.

But other aspects of my work are much more straightforward. For instance, I have to write a sermon and do the bulletin each week. But I don’t want those jobs to crowd out the other, less-defined ones, or vice versa.

Any organizational or time-management tips you’d like to share? Any good books on the subject that you’d especially recommend?

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