April 23, 2006

First Service

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At long last, we’re about to hold our first service!

The three Sundays I’ve been here, we attended three different churches in Medford, which was enjoyable. During that time, Moriah and I were doing the “settling in” work we needed to. As a group, we looked for a building and last Sunday we started practicing our liturgy. But now we’re finally up and running.

We’ll meet at The Branch, a restaurant/ministry here in Medford. The service will be at 10:00 AM with a fellowship meal afterwards. I expect to have about 16-20 people present for the first service, and a couple more said they’d show up for our fellowship meal afterwards. It’s a small beginning, but it is a start.

Your prayers for us would be greatly appreciated. And if you’re ever in Medford on a Sunday, please do join us. (And if you’re thinking of moving somewhere, keep in mind that this is a beautiful area and that there’s a small church plant with weekly covenant renewal liturgy that needs more members!)

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