April 10, 2006


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I’m shopping for a new computer and monitor. Dell‘s deals are attractive, and it’s nice to be able to “build” your own computer online. On the other hand, several Amazon reviews complain about Dell’s service. On the third hand, however, Dell is considerably cheaper than anything else I saw in town today.

So … if you were buying a computer and wanted to get a good computer, mainly for internet and word processing and not for games, and a good flat screen and flat-bodied 17″ monitor for less than $700, what would you look for? HP? Compaq? EMachines? Or what?

As for switching to a Mac, as some of you might recommend, I’m not sure I’m ready to take that step. Besides, the Macs I’ve seen cost more than $700.

Recommendations? And while you’re at it, any recommendations for Laser All-in-One printers, that is, printers that also fax, scan, and photocopy?

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