December 5, 2005

Thanksgiving Vacation

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On Thursday, Moriah and I returned home from our vacation. We had left home on November 22 and flew to Portland, where Moriah’s mom picked us up and drove us to their home in Central Point. It was a bit of a challenge to fly with a baby, but Aletheia really travelled quite well.

We spent several days with Moriah’s family and had a wonderful time visiting. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner on Friday (a day late because of other family commitments) and then Moriah’s brother Lindsay, Charles Chambers, and I set up the Christmas tree.

That weekend, we all drove up to Trinity Reformation Church in Salem where I taught on Judges 13 and 14 (the beginning of the Samson narrative) for their Bible study and then preached during their service (Mark 6:30-44: the feeding of the 5000). We spent Saturday night with Chori and Catherine Seraiah. I had stayed with them briefly back in June 2003 (right after meeting Moriah, in fact) and it was good to visit with them again. During the Sunday service, Moriah discovered that Aletheia’s first tooth has emerged!

After the service, we drove back to Central Point. Monday night, we had a Christmas gift exchange with the family. On Tuesday, Moriah’s folks hosted an open-house for several friends and family members, many of whom had never met me and all of whom were excited to meet Aletheia.

We left for Portland again on Wednesday afternoon. In the evening, I spent some time with the elders of Reformation Covenant Church in Oregon City, whom I hadn’t seen since I taught at their family camp back in 2003. We flew home again on Thursday, arriving late in the evening.

Unfortunately, one of our bags didn’t arrive: the one we had packed all of our important stuff in on Wednesday so that we wouldn’t have to take all of our bags into the place we were staying. The Lord had mercy on us, however, and the bag was returned the next morning. It was in somewhat rough shape and one item in it appears to have been damaged, but it was good to get our things back.

It was a good vacation and quite restful, though I continued to battle my up-and-down fever (and still do!). Now I’m getting back into the work routine again, which may mean that my blogging will become less frequent.

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