November 20, 2005


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It’s Sunday evening, and for the first time in months (maybe years) I spent the whole day at home.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling achy. I figured it was just because I hadn’t slept that well during the night, but I finally checked my temperature in the late afternoon and discovered that I had a bit of a fever. We had a family from the church over for supper, though, and during the meal I felt tired but fine.

Last night, however, I had chills and my fever passed 100 degrees. I felt a bit better toward morning, but decided to stay in bed. Moriah stayed home, too, because Aletheia also has a fever.

Staying home, of course, meant that I wasn’t preaching. (It also meant, alas, that the congregation couldn’t have the Lord’s Supper.) But in God’s strange providence, we had already agreed to have Tim Gallant preach in the morning service (he’s here on vacation), and he had another sermon with him which we used in the afternoon service. Thanks, Tim!

Pray for us. I’m feeling a bit better, but Moriah isn’t and Aletheia’s temperature is still up.

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