September 22, 2005


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I’ve enjoyed U2’s music since about 1986, when I first heard it playing on Bruce Agla’s stereo in the gym at Peace River Bible Institute. I recall that I borrowed a friend’s copy of October and listened to it repeatedly, and I remember the thrill of buying The Joshua Tree when it first came out and taking it home to listen to with some friends.

I didn’t listen to U2 much after Achtung Baby. At the time, their music didn’t appeal to me anymore. Probably I wanted them to keep playing The Joshua Tree over and over again. It’s likely that I found their antics subsequent to Achtung over the top and more than a little strange. But finally, after hearing a few songs from All That You Can’t Leave Behind I succumbed, bought that CD, as well as the two previous ones, and found I enjoyed them.

On a whim a few weeks back, I picked up a copy of Bono in Conversation with Michka Assayas from the library and read it. Rock star interviews aren’t part of my usual reading, but I thoroughly enjoyed these ones. Reading them is like getting to know Bono as a friend, and now that I’ve finished the book I have to say that my respect for Bono has grown immensely. It would be great to sit in a pub, drink stout, and chat with him.

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