March 19, 2005

MVP Report and Reputations of Brothers

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Recently, an ad hoc study committee of the Mississippi Valley Presbytery of the PCA produced a report on a number of concerns the committee has with regard to the teaching of some in Reformed circles. That report has been sent to the PCA’s General Assembly as a “communication” from the presbytery.

Unfortunately, the report includes some misrepresentation of the teachings of a number of men, including ministers in good standing in the PCA, and could well do serious damage to their reputations.

Those who are interested in studying these matters (and I do not believe that every Christian ought to be troubling himself about these debates!), would do well to look over the responses that have been written by Mark Horne, Joel Garver, and Peter Leithart.

In general, the “communication” has been ably critiqued by Joel Garver and Paul Owen.

I trust that these documents will help to sharpen and improve the discussion surrounding this report and will help to protect, uphold, and vindicate the reputation of men who have been attacked and condemned unjustly.

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