November 22, 2004

Return of Jeff Meyers

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It’s good to see Jeff Meyers blogging again. His new blog is entitled Cacoethes Scribendi”. Already, he has posted a number of very good items, among them

* “Ordination for Life?” examines the popular idea that a man may continue to be ordained and should continue to be regarded as a pastor even when he has been deposed or has left the ministry.

* “Abba in Gal. 4:6” rejects the idea that “Abba” means “Daddy,” and asks why Gal. 4:6 would include two words for “father” back to back.

* “Pure Unadulterated Theological Speculation” provides some interesting thoughts on the doctrine of the Trinity drawn from Hans Urs von Balthasar.

* “Subscription and Freedom” looks at confessional subscription and the freedom of exegesis and includes some very helpful stuff from John Calvin’s life.

* “My Testimony,” in particular, is must reading, especially for people who were baptized as infants, grew up in the church, and have been told that their early experience was probably not genuine.

Good stuff! Welcome back, Jeff.

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