November 1, 2004


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However a family is clothed, a father and husband has a scriptural responsibility to provide his wife with the wherewithal to do her duty in this area. I am sorry to have to press the point, but men need to understand this means money for shopping. The money ought not to be given grudgingly or as a last resort whenever a clothing crisis erupts. A man needs to be provident; in other words, he should anticipate things like winter (an event which should not be a surprise by now), and the household budget should contain room for the necessary provisions.

The flip side of this, for the wives, is taking their responsibility in shopping seriously. Buying a bunch of unnecessary items is not saving the household money even if all of them were twenty percent off. But if a wife takes her calling and vocation seriously, she will do her husband good in this area, and she will do so all the days of his life (Prov. 31:12-13). Wives who shop responsibly are a tremendous asset to their homes. If I spend too much time in a department store (as in, more than five minutes), I start to feel like something hot and wet is crawling up my back. The fact that my wife is gifted in (voluntarily) going from one of these places to another in order to save our household unnecessary expense is priceless. — Doug Wilson, My Life for Yours, p. 132.

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