September 6, 2004


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The constitution of a biblical home consists of faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. Love is not to be understood as mere sentiment, but rather self-sacrificing obedience to the Word of God — with a whole heart. This can be quite an elevating and inspiring concept until there are dishes to be done….

What is the kitchen? If you look at it one way, it’s a place of endless preparations, punctuated with periods of dealing with the aftermath, by which I mean the cleaning up. But we have to keep in mind constantly that the Christian faith sees such service as a form of exaltation. Faith that works in love … is not faith that seeks out the limelight. When we serve one another in love, we come to learn that God has designed the world to work in such a way that the majority of the time, we don’t get the credit we think we deserve. Self can work hard, but it chafes under the biblical way of working hard. Love gives it away. And when everyone in the family loves — the kind of love you see in a Christian kitchen — the effect is glorious. — Doug Wilson, My Life for Yours: A Walk Through the Christian Home, pp. 35-36.

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