August 25, 2004


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In January 2003, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Ruston, Louisiana, visiting with Jeff Steel and his family. Jeff was the pastor of the PCA in Ruston. While I was there, I also met a young man named B. J. Kennedy. For a while, B. J. had a blog, to which I linked, but one day the blog was no more.

Yesterday, I discovered that B. J. is back. His new blog is entitled Canterbury Trail. What’s more, Jeff Steel is also blogging. Jeff is now in Durham, England, preparing to start doctoral work on the Eucharistic theology of Lancelot Andrewes. Jeff’s blog will probably be more theological; his wife Rhea’s blog will probably provide more news about the family.

Welcome to the blogging world, Jeff and Rhea, and welcome back, B. J.!

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