April 30, 2004

Type & Antitype

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The upcoming Christ Church Ministerial Conference looks great. It’s entitled Type and Antitype: Seeing Christ in All of Scripture. Here’s the line-up:

Douglas Wilson
* Reading the Old Testament with New Testament Eyes: The Necessity of Typology
* The Second Adam and the New Eve
* Hebrews: A New Testament DeuteronomyDouglas Jones
* Reading Pictures
* Practicing the Imagination

Peter Leithart
* Destroy This Temple: Typology of the Sanctuary
* A Ram Without Blemish: Typology of the Offerings
* Death and Resurrection of David: Typology and Structure of 1-2 Kings

Jeff Meyers
* A Trinitarian Typology of History: Discerning the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Hebrew History
* My Father Was a Wandering Moralist: How to Hear and Read the Gospels
* The Da Vinci Code Be Damned: A Typological Reading of Mary Magdalene

Last year’s conference on the Trinity was great, and I’m definitely looking forward to this one!

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