February 8, 2004

Two or Three Gathered

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In a small church, you certainly notice when a few families are away. This Sunday, most of the Barendregts (all but Alex), several Soleses, the Morins, and Steve were all in Moscow. Another family, the Wattels, are away on a vacation.

As a result, the service was a bit different. For one thing, the volume was much lower when it came to singing and to the congregational Amens. It’s also a bit easier to preach to a larger group (I know now a bit better how Mark feels!).

As well, all of our musicians were away, so I had to lead singing a capella, going down to the piano before each song to plunk out our opening note(s). I also led the singing time before the afternoon service and managed to pick out the alto, tenor, and bass lines (one at a time, mind you!) to help us learn to sing harmonies on a couple of songs.

I’m looking forward to having everyone back home. Still, as promised, the Lord was present with us. We ascended into heaven together, entered God’s presence, heard his Word, and prayed and sang with as much enthusiasm as we could muster (though sometimes our enthusiasm wasn’t matched by our ability: funny how familiar songs become difficult when you have to lead them).

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