September 16, 2003

I’m Dreaming of a White … September?!

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Well, it looks as if winter has come to Grande Prairie. Yesterday morning, I woke up to snow and it’s been snowing on and off ever since. The snowflakes have been light and there’s been little accumulation. Still, it’s too early for winter, isn’t it?

Mind you, I have to admit that I like fall and winter. The cold of winter makes it a perfect setting for wearing your favourite sweater, reading a good novel, and drinking hot tea.

But having said that, I must now head outside. I’m off to the Regional College. I haven’t yet become the official chaplain of the college, though that’s in the works, but I’ve decided to start getting in the habit of keeping “office hours” on Mondays and Tuesdays. Here I go, out into the cold. I’m taking along Steve Garber’s The Fabric of Faithfulness to read, in the hopes that he’ll help me in my chaplaincy endeavours. Any other recommendations?

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