May 2, 2003


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A few weeks ago, I bought a new computer. I had planned to add an extra 256 RAM, but it turned out that the RAM they had in stock didn’t work on my computer. No problem. They ordered some more that would work, and on Tuesday they installed it.

Yesterday evening, my computer kept freezing. I had to shut the thing down and start it again, and then it would work fine … for a while. (By the way, with the new computers which have a software-generated shutdown, you can’t turn off your computer by simply pressing the on switch. But if you hold that switch for ten seconds it will shut off your computer.)

Early this afternoon, I ran my Norton Disk Doctor program to see if it could find and solve the problem. All of a sudden, I had a blank screen with a message at the top: “Operating System Not Found.” Yike!

I tried this and that, but there wasn’t a whole lot of this-ing and that-ing I could really try. I had no operating system, and you can’t do much without one. And “You can’t do much” includes “You can’t edit or print or access the sermons you just wrote.”

I called the store and the tech guy told me he wasn’t busy, so I brought him the computer. Less than an hour ago and about two and half hours after drop-off, he called me. My computer is up and running. In fact, he’s even been able to solve another glitch I had which he hadn’t been able to solve the other day when they installed my RAM.

What caused the computer to tell me my operating system had taken a stroll? Um … the new 256 RAM that was supposed to have worked on this computer. It’s a funny thing about RAM: Sometimes it’ll work for a while (say, from Tuesday till Friday) and then … kablooey. So now I have my computer back and running, and the tech guy is on a quest for the perfect RAM for me.

In other news (completely unrelated, except that I had to have my computer back and running in order to find it), check out Jeff Meyers‘s latest blog-entry on Augustine’s style of preaching. I’ve managed to get a chuckle out of my congregation at times and last Sunday I got an “Amen” in the afternoon, but Reformed congregations are a lot quieter than Augustine’s, it seems!

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