March 13, 2003


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My mother tells me that my previous blog entry is getting old, and she’s right. So here’s an update.

I wasn’t able to move into my new home on the Saturday as I’d hoped and so I stayed the weekend at my deacon’s house. On that Monday, March 3, while I still had access to the computer, I finished proofreading Ralph Smith‘s book on the covenant and the Trinity (forthcoming from Canon Press). I highly recommend the book, by the way. It contains a very helpful critique of Meredith Kline’s understanding of the covenant.

As soon as I’d fired off the list of typos to Doug Jones, I started packing all the stuff I had at Leo’s place. I arrived here in the early evening, went out for supper, and then spent my first night in my own home.

For most of the next week, a large part of my time was spent taking books out of boxes and putting them on the shelves which line the walls of my basement study. It’s the first time I’ve seen all my fiction and all my non-fiction together in one place. Most of my fiction stayed in boxes (or was still at my parents’ place) during my four years in Lethbridge.

As for my own reading now, I’ve just finished Manly Wade Wellman’s John the Balladeer, which is a collection of all of his short stories starring John, who travels the Appalachians with his silver-stringed guitar, encountering and overcoming evil of all sorts (recommended by Jim Jordan), as well as Gene Wolfe’s wonderfully titled The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories (no, that’s not a typo: the first story in the book is entitled “The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories”). I’m also two-thirds of the way through Jim’s The Sociology of the Church and loving it.

This past Monday, I also joined a singing group. It’s a small group —¬†about eight people — and they sing what, I suppose, gets roughly categorized as “classical music,” though it ranges from Renaissance madrigals (two of which I need to learn this week) to John Rutter’s “A Gaelic Blessing.” In case you’re wondering, I’m one of the two basses.

This week I also taught a catechism class, attended the Grande Prairie Regional College’s InterVarsity meeting (to which I’ve unofficially been appointed a “resource person”), and led a men’s Bible study, and tonight we’ll be having a meeting of the church council. On Monday, my phone lines were installed and shortly thereafter I had about 300 e-mails in my Inbox; now, however, there are only thirty. So I’ve been fairly busy. Nevertheless, I do hope to do some more blogging in the future.

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