January 19, 2003

Grande Prairie Bound!

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After a week of packing which left my bedroom, my living room, and especially my study piled with boxes, I’m now ready to move. I’m very grateful for all who helped by supplying boxes, taping the boxes together, and even loading the boxes.

Four young men from Grande Prairie — Alex, Calvin, Steve, and Darren (who alone doesn’t have a blog) — arrived on Friday evening. They helped me finish packing on Saturday and on Monday — tomorrow! — they’ll load up the U-Haul and head for Grande Prairie, nine and a half hours northwest.

The weather, however, doesn’t look particularly good. Grande Prairie got about eight inches of snow already this weekend, and they predict another two to four inches on Monday and periods of snow the rest of the week. (Here’s a link to the Alberta weather forecast so you can follow my treacherous route from Lethbridge through Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton to Grande Prairie.) I deeply appreciate your prayers for this trip.

After I arrive in Grande Prairie, I’ll leave my stuff in storage until my house is finished, which may be anywhere from two weeks to a month, during which time I’ll live with Leo and Yolanda Wattel (Leo is the deacon at Covenant Reformed).

My installation as the pastor of Covenant Reformed Church will be on January 31. The former pastor, Bishop Bill, will lead the service and preach. I’ll preach my inaugural sermon on February 2.

It’s hard to leave Lethbridge, but I’m looking forward to getting settled in Grande Prairie and taking up my work there.

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