November 20, 2002


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Yesterday morning, John Bekkering (friend, elder, and realtor) came over. We signed some papers and then he put a lock-box on my door and a sign on the front lawn. I’m selling my house and moving to Grande Prairie, where I’ve taken a call to pastor Covenant Reformed Church, following in the footsteps of the eminent Bishop Bill DeJong, who has taken a call to Kansas City and who, incidentally, has published his first blog post in months!

The sign on my front lawn, though, is a sad reminder that I’m going to be leaving Lethbridge. I’ll preach my last sermon here on Sunday. I’ve been here for four years and I’m going to miss a lot of the people.

This afternoon, a couple came by to see the house. The comments I overheard seemed positive. I’m hoping that this place will sell quickly so that I can turn around and snag a place in Grande Prairie. Your prayers are appreciated.

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