August 8, 2002

Charlene’s Ride

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As I reported a while back, my sister Charlene rode in a 1204 km race through the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta. They’ve now posted her times. You can find pictures of the ride here and here.

Here she is recovering somewhere along the way:

I think this is Char!

And here is Char with my dad, who was working as a volunteer:

Char grinning from under her helmet and my dad pointing something out

Char’s Achilles tendons are still killing her, but other than that, she’s feeling pretty good. She spent a week with our grandmother out in British Columbia and is now back at work. I haven’t talked to her since the ride, but I hear that she’s planning to write up an account and I look forward to reading it. (And for those who wondered, yes, she did pass a couple of bears, one of which was fairly large.)

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