July 29, 2002


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This past week, my sister Charlene took part in a 1204.3 kilometre bicycle race in the mountains of British Columbia and Alberta. The ride started in Kamloops, BC, headed north through Clearwater, east through Jasper, Alberta, south to Lake Louise, and then west to Kamloops again. You can see a map of the route here.

Charlene has ridden 200, 400, and 600 kilometer rides already this year, but this was her first 1200. They’re supposed to have posted her times here, but they haven’t yet. She is listed, however, on the final results page. Scroll down till you find Rider # 512, Charlene Burwood. She completed the ride in 88 hours and 33 minutes, counting the few hours in which she slept.

Congratulations, Char! I’m proud of you!

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