May 22, 2002


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It’s hard to believe, but … it’s snowing. It started with a thunderstorm last night. By midnight or so, the temperature had dropped enough that the rain was turning into small pellets of soft hail mixed with snow. I had a hard time sleeping because the wind was lashing the stuff against my bedroom window, so I’ve been groggy all day today. When I got up this morning, we had a couple of inches of heavy, wet snow, and there’s more coming down. In fact, it’s snowing so steadily that I can hardly see the houses a block away. It certainly doesn’t look like a typical mid-May in Lethbridge. Last year, it was bone dry for most of the spring and summer. Now if only I could get motivated (and get my head clear enough) to write a sermon. This is a day for curling up with a cup of tea and a good book.

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