March 21, 2002

Bach’s Birthday

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In honour of the 317th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday (thanks, Duane, for drawing our attention to this!)…. On the weekend, I picked up Morimur, which includes Bach’s Partita D Minor for solo violin, a number of chorales sung by the Hilliard Ensemble, and Ciaccona for solo violin and four voices. I gather from the booklet included and from the reviews at Amazon that the theory that undergirds this piece of music is a bit controversial, not to say weird. I knew nothing about those theories when I bought the disc, nor does one need to think about them in order to appreciate the music. I simply saw that it was the Hilliard Ensemble doing Bach. I’ve enjoyed several of their other recordings. I’ve listened to the whole of this one only once so far. Anyone else heard it?

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