February 3, 2002

Genevan Psalter

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Thanks to George van Popta‘s new blog, I discovered a webpage with much of the Genevan Psalter posted on it. I’m not sure whose rhyming of the psalms appears here, but if you click on the psalm title, you’ll hear the original tune, written by Louis Bourgeois (“Louis the Middle-Class”?) or Maitre Pierre or someone like that. For instance, here’s Psalm 6, one of my favourites.

I hope that eventually all the Genevan tunes will be up on the page. I’m working on learning them, and having them in this format will help a lot. Thanks for the link, George, and welcome to the world of blogging!.

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2 Responses to “Genevan Psalter”

  1. Uri Says:

    John, the links are not working on this one.

  2. John Barach Says:

    There. The psalm links should work now.

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