January 4, 2002

Heading to Monroe

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For the last few days, I’ve been preparing lectures for the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Pastors Conference. This year’s conference is on the covenant, and I’ve been invited to speak, along with Steve Schlissel and Doug Wilson. I’m replacing Norman Shepherd, who had to back out in November because his wife was battling terminal cancer. It’s an honour to take his place. Norman is a friend of mine, and he was secretary of the board at Mid-America Reformed Seminary when I was there.

My three lectures are entitled “Covenant and History,” “Covenant and Election,” and “Covenant and Evangelism.” The one on covenant and election allowed me to think through some of things in my article on baptism and election again. Why do so many (most?) books on election skim over the Old Testament? Why do so few even mention Deuteronomy 7, let alone deal with it in any detail? Joel Garver’s essays on apostasy were helpful, as was his “Brief Catechesis on Covenant and Baptism”.

Now if I can only shake this cold which I seem to have caught….

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