December 24, 2001


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While I wait for Bill to work on a Christmas sermon with me, here’s another post.

Here's the cover of the video, aiming to sell a thoughtful movie to thoughtless louts, attracted to Julie DelpyIn a previous post, I mentioned that I had seen Blue, the first in Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy. I’ve now seen the second in the trilogy, White (1994), starring Zbigniew Zanachowski and Julie Delpy. White wasn’t as enigmatic as Blue and moved a little more quickly.

There were some very nice touches. For instance, in Blue, Julie is looking for a particular lawyer and steps into a courtroom for a moment. We hear just a snippet of the proceedings, a man protesting against the lack of equality. Will the court refuse to hear his case because he doesn’t speak French? White is the film about equality, and it begins in that courtroom with Karol protesting his wife’s desire to divorce him. He says those lines from Blue, and in the background, we see Julie step into the courtroom and then leave.

I enjoyed White and the plot was perhaps more intriguing than that of Blue, but the movie as a whole disappointed me. Maybe it was because I was expecting something as profound as the ending of Blue and didn’t see it. I’m also not completely satisfied with my ideas about how this movie spoke about equality. Still, I’ll have to go on to watch Red next.

Oh, by the way, disregard that blurb from Cosmopolitan on the cover of the video: “Intoxicating, Erotic Treat!” That’s probably what they’d say about ice cream, too. It hardly sums up the movie! (Nor, for that matter, does The New Yorker‘s comment, “Mysterious … Sexy!,” come close to capturing Blue.)

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