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April 2, 2007

Klamath Falls

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Yesterday, our entire church moved to a different location.  And not just a different location: a different town in a different county 

We normally meet at the Griffin Creek Grange, just to the west of Medford.  But due to a quilt show, we had to find a new place to meet.  Most Sundays, one family and a single guy come to Medford for church from Klamath Falls, just over the mountain from us.  It’s about an hour and a half drive and during the winter it can be a bit treacherous, but they come as often as they can.  So this Sunday, we went to them.

Two of our member families are on vacation, but Moriah and I went to Klamath Falls on Saturday and the other families came on Sunday morning.  We had a very good time visiting with the people who live out there.

They had invited lots of people to church and advertised on the cable TV bulletin board and so we ended up with more visitors than regulars, which meant that I had to spend some time before the service talking a bit about our liturgy: what we do and why.  They seemed to enjoy it, and all of them stayed for a meal after the service.

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April 23, 2006

First Service

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At long last, we’re about to hold our first service!

The three Sundays I’ve been here, we attended three different churches in Medford, which was enjoyable. During that time, Moriah and I were doing the “settling in” work we needed to. As a group, we looked for a building and last Sunday we started practicing our liturgy. But now we’re finally up and running.

We’ll meet at The Branch, a restaurant/ministry here in Medford. The service will be at 10:00 AM with a fellowship meal afterwards. I expect to have about 16-20 people present for the first service, and a couple more said they’d show up for our fellowship meal afterwards. It’s a small beginning, but it is a start.

Your prayers for us would be greatly appreciated. And if you’re ever in Medford on a Sunday, please do join us. (And if you’re thinking of moving somewhere, keep in mind that this is a beautiful area and that there’s a small church plant with weekly covenant renewal liturgy that needs more members!)

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