June 14, 2006

Best Songwriters

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Paste Magazine presents its list of the 100 best living songwriters, with some discussion of #81-90 and #91-100. (Comments on the rest of the list will be posted in the next few weeks, I suppose. Or you could just buy the magazine, which strikes me as the best non-jazz and non-classical music magazine out there.)

So, those of you who love good pop and alternative and country and whatnot, what do you think of the list?

Myself, I can think of several great songwriters who got missed, Mark Knopfler being high on that list. I’d want to add Roy Orbison (“In Dreams” is unsurpassed), Joe Henry (“Stop” is brilliant), and perhaps Tonio K. I also don’t think I would have put Bob Dylan at the very top of the list. I like him, but….

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